Luxembourg by Tram for MFWF

Luxembourg by Tram for MFWF

Luxembourg Bar & Bistro take over Melbourne’s iconic Tramcar Restaurant.

Andrew McConnell’s Southside bistro will again take over the services of Melbourne’s iconic Colonial Tramcar Restaurant for a one-off Luxembourg dining experience – three courses, matching wines, with quite a few kilometres in between.

For close to three decades, the Colonial Tramcar restaurant has been a recognisable part of Melbourne’s identity, embedded in the culture of this great food and wine city. For one day only, Head Chef Chris Watson of Luxembourg Bar & Bistro will take over the lunch and dinner services on board these iconic travelling restaurants.

A special event that will pair the classic colonial nostalgia of the trams with a Luxembourg dining experience like no other, featuring three courses matched with local wines.

When: 4th April 2017

Luncheon Service: 1-3pm

Early Dinner Service: 5.30- 7.30pm

Late Dinner Service: 8.30- 10.30pm

Price: $150.00

Where: Tram Stop 125 on the corner of Normanby Road and Clarendon Street, South Melbourne.

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